Getting Started:

  1. Order your Tags
  2. Name your Tags
  3. Turn your Tags on

How do I Name my Tags?
Go to the Tag Management screen in the platform to see the list of Tags you've ordered. Initially, they’ll be named "Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag3" and so on. Click on the name "Tag 1" to re-Name it in the platform.

Who can I invite to the Mobile app?
You can invite anyone to download the Mobile app and use TAP.

What's the difference between a Mobile admin user, and a regular Mobile user?
A Mobile admin user can Turn Tags on in the field. A regular Mobile user will simply download the app and tap Tags for you to track. All Mobile users just need to download the app, set up or confirm their profile and start tapping. TAP will figure out the rest.

How can I make someone a Mobile admin user?
Go to the Mobile device Management screen on the platform. Find the name of the Mobile device you want to give admin rights to, then turn the toggle ON on the right hand side of the screen.

How do I order more Tags?
Buy more tags from your Account Settings page.

How does the 30 day free trial work?
As a new client to TAP, we give you 30 days to receive your order of Tags and set yourself up. After your free trial ends, you'll receive an email confirming payment for the TAP account you signed up for.

What happens after my 30 day free trial ends?
After your free trial ends, you'll receive an email confirming payment for TAP. All amounts are paid for in advance, on a monthly basis.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. You can pay as you go on a month-to-month plan and cancel at any time.

Will my data be private and safe?

We take data security seriously. Please check our Terms and Privacy Policy for full details on the measures TAP takes to ensure your data is secure.

Still have a question? Email us at support@tapitevents.com